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As a result of our strategic outreach, more than 25% of our readers report that they are a race other than white -- of which 22% are actively seeking employment, and 64% are passively viewing and applying to select openings.

Our diversity-focus listings receive 44% more applications than a standard job listing. This upgrade includes the following additional benefits:

  • Posts on +20 diversity-focused job boards
  • Showcases in the Diversity Insider email, reaching +32,000 recipients
  • Is shown along with news articles with a diversity focus and diversity focuses promotion in search results
  • Posts for 60 days


We offer diversity upgrades on our Single Listings, Multi-Packs and Unlimited Packages.




Our Diversity Recruitment Strategies

A lot of recruiting sites offer services that say they help you reach diverse candidates. Yet, many of these services are woefully ineffective. At Inside Higher Ed, we take a more straightforward and transparent approach. By publishing an inclusive, compelling daily professional journal and offering it free online, we have gathered a diverse, engaged readership that is dedicated to the higher education industry. Our unique advantages for diversity recruiting are multifold.

Quality Content
Our content model draws a balanced audience from all departments of the campus, as well as from all different sectors of the industry, including four-year and two-year institutions. The broad appeal of our news and our dedication to access means everyone in higher education is part of our audience.

Inclusive Coverage 
When diverse readers and people at diverse institutions come to our site, they find themselves and their institutions and issues covered thoroughly and consistently. 

Top-tier Partners
We work with 20+ quality partners who reach qualified minorities, individuals with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ, women and other diverse individuals for our clients who want to target these important communities.

Dual Career 
This search quickly identifies jobs for both partners and spotlights them by location. In seconds, academic couples can find proximate jobs – and that can be the key to your institution landing a great diversity hire.

Reach to Passive Candidates
Unlike job boards like LinkedIn or HigherEdJobs, Inside Higher Ed lets you broaden your search to include qualified, diverse candidates who aren't on the job market but might be intrigued by an exciting new opportunity. From featured jobs in our Daily News Update subscriber email to jobs displayed in our Diversity Weekly Update newsletter to listings placed alongside diversity-related articles, Inside Higher Ed connects you with great diversity candidates whether they search our jobs database or not.

If your team, department or institution is missing the diversity it needs to best serve your student body, don't wait any longer to invest in finding the talent you need to make a meaningful impact on your institution's student recruiting and retention efforts.