Employer Branding

Employer BrandingEmployer Branding

Create Your Hiring Pipeline

Improve the quality of your hires


Custom Employer Branding Campaigns

Did you know that 40% of job seekers are more likely to apply for a job at an institution they are familiar with over one they are not*? Build awareness for your institution so that you can attract the top talent you need and want. With this solution, recruiting teams can:

  • Hire people who align with your institution’s vision and purpose from day one
  • Improve offer conversion rates
  • Improve the quality of hires
  • Lower long-term employee churn
  • Create robust hiring pipelines and effectively cluster hire for new programs & divisions



How We Customize Campaigns

Each campaign is customized so your institution will stand out among its peers and competing institutions. It is an incredible way to promote your competitive advantages and differentiate your institution from the institutions in which you regularly lose talent. Campaign opportunities include

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  • Website display ads
  • Native ads
  • Newsletter ads
  • Targeted emails
  • Market research
  • Event webcasts


Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be. With our advertising solutions, we can meet a range of budgets. A consistent presence in one of our outlets may be just enough exposure to get your institution the bump in the attention it needs for recruiting purposes.

After a short meeting — as quick as 20 minutes — we can share a few campaign options with you and provide pricing so that you will have a good sense of the bang you can get for the buck. Contact us today to learn more.


*HR Div