Employer FAQ

New Careers SiteWe are excited to launch a revamped careers site! The site features entirely new technology and an improved design to help you advance your recruitment efforts. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the new site.


What are the benefits of this new site?

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with the ability to add or update jobs from any device (including your phone or tablet)
  • Improved matching and job alerts, meaning more great-fit candidates
  • Real-time reporting dashboard to track job posting performance
  • Enhanced technology, including stronger search engine optimization to help your jobs stand out across the internet


Will I need to redo anything?

No, all of your data, including active jobs, jobs from the past two years and any employer profile information has been migrated to the new site.  You will need to reset your password in order to log in for the first time


How do I do reset my password to log in for the first time?

You can request a new password at http://recruiters.insidehighered.com/account-forgotten-password/ or by selecting “Sign In” at the top of this page and then clicking “Forgotten Password?”.


I reset my password and am trying to log in to my recruiter account. However, I am receiving a notification that says “Please contact our team for access to this section.” What should I do?

Please contact us at +1-202-659-9208 or recruit@insidehighered.com. We will be able to assist you with access to the recruiter portion of the site.


I received an email notifying me that someone applied to one of my jobs. What does that mean?

Applications Go To Screen from Old SiteIf you provided an email address in the "Applications Go To..." field (at right) in our previous system, applications are now collected through our system in addition to being emailed to you directly. You will receive an email with the applicant's materials, as well as their contact information and a link to the job posting.

If you want to change how applications are received, you can do so at any time by editing your job. To edit a job, go to “Your Jobs” and then click on the job you wish to edit. Toward the bottom of the job posting form, you will see a section marked “Applications.” Select “Via another site or an applicant tracking system” and enter the URL you wish to use. Please note that editing a job will revert your job status to “Awaiting Approval” and it will not be live on the jobseeker site until it has been approved by our team. Jobs are typically approved within one business day or sooner.


Our jobs are posted to Inside Higher Ed via API or site scraping. Will this still work?

Yes, automated feeds from PeopleAdmin, JobTarget, Jobelephant, Interview Exchange, SilkRoad, PageUp and other providers will continue to work as expected. If you experience any issues, please contact us at ihe-tech@insidehighered.com


Who can I contact if I have a question?

For immediate assistance, please call +1-202-659-9208 or email recruit@insidehighered.com.


Additional FAQs

I have a general question about recruiting with Inside Higher Ed

I have a specific question about how to use the Inside Higher Ed Careers website.


Recruiting with Inside Higher Ed


How do I reach a live person at Inside Higher Ed?

Simple. Call +1-202-659-9208 and ask for the recruitment advertising department. If you have questions about posting a job you can also email us at recruit@insidehighered.com. We do our best to reply to emails the same day we receive them. If you have questions about an invoice or if you'd like to pay for an invoice by credit card, please email billing@insidehighered.com or call +1-202-448-6123.


Who reads Inside Higher Ed?

More than 1.5 million higher ed professionals a month from every academic discipline and every administrative area (site traffic measured by Google Analytics). About 35% of our readers are academics, about 38% are institutional and academic administrators, and 12% are executives. Readership is proportional throughout the country, and about 14% of our readers are outside the U.S. Our readers come from every kind of institution; about 13% work at community colleges. And our readers are very diverse: nearly 20% are minorities and more than 55% are women.


How does my ad reach these readers?

Like any job board, Inside Higher Ed posts your job announcement to our jobs database. But unlike any other job board we make it work a lot harder to reach your best candidates. First, when searching our database, candidates return not just a job title and institution name, but the introduction to your ad text. Second, we display appropriately related jobs on all of our story-level pages. This means that someone reading a story about a new idea in admissions will be presented with admissions jobs running in a column right next to the article (a significant portion of the traffic to our job postings comes via these links – meaning we’re delivering the passive candidates you most want to reach - those who may never browse our job listings). Finally, for an additional fee you can purchase a Maximum Exposure Job Listing, which includes a link in one day's edition of our Daily News Update email newsletter (now reaching 115,000 opt-in subscribers) to really boost attention to a specific position.


Any bonus distribution?

Inside Higher Ed partners with numerous nationally recognized job aggregation sites (indeed.com, jobs2careers.com, etc.) to extend the reach of your job postings. Most jobs posted to Inside Higher Ed are automatically posted to an aggregator, and updates and expirations are automatic as well.


How does Inside Higher Ed help me reach a diverse candidate pool?

A lot of recruiting sites offer services that say they help you reach diverse candidates. Unfortunately, these services are generally well-named, but woefully ineffective. At Inside Higher Ed, we take a more straightforward and transparent approach – by publishing an inclusive, compelling daily professional journal and offering it free online, we have gathered the most diverse readership of any higher education publication. Our unique advantages for diversity recruiting include:

Free content - Higher education is most diverse among budget conscious younger academics and institutions such as community colleges. Our free content model means everyone in higher education is part of our audience.

Inclusive coverage - When diverse readers and people at diverse institutions come to our site, they find themselves and their institutions and issues covered.

Help for academic couples - Our Dual Career search quickly identifies jobs for both partners and spotlights them by location. In seconds, academic couples can find proximate jobs – and that can be the key to your institution landing a great diversity hire.

Reach to passive candidates – Inside Higher Ed lets you broaden your search to include the qualified diversity candidates who aren’t on the job market, but might be intrigued by an exciting new opportunity. From featured jobs in our Daily News Update subscriber email to jobs displayed with appropriate editorial content to banner advertising throughout the site, Inside Higher Ed connects you with great diversity candidates whether they search our jobs database or not.


Does posting a job on Inside Higher Ed fulfill the Department of Labor requirements under 20 CFR 656.18, Optional Special Recruitment and Documentation Procedures for College and University Teachers? 

Why yes! Here's what the Department of Labor has to say: Yes, an employer may use an electronic or web-based national professional journal to satisfy the regulatory provision at 20 CFR § 656.18(b)(3), which requires use of a national professional journal for advertisements for college or university teachers. The advertisement for the job opportunity for which certification is sought must be posted for at least 30 calendar days on the journal's website. Documentation of the placement of an advertisement in an electronic or web-based national professional journal must include evidence of the start and end dates of the advertisement placement and the text of the advertisement. In fact, the successful challenge to the old print advertising rule by the University of Texas at Brownsville was over the right to be certified for foreign hiring on the basis of a job ad they posted on Inside Higher Ed. Read more. Beware the claims of other job boards as professional journals produce original content on a regular publishing basis making pure job boards unable to say that they fulfill the DOL requirements.


Who posts jobs on Inside Higher Ed?

More than 1,500 institutions have posted 100,000 jobs with Inside Higher Ed in the last 12 months, and more than 365 hold unlimited recruiting contracts to post all of their jobs all year long.


Where can I find information on your prices?

Click here to see our products and pricing. We also have unlimited recruiting packages. And remember, community colleges receive a 40% discount off the regular price of an unlimited recruiting contract. Talk with Daryl Anderson, our community college account manager, for more information. 


Any advice on effective recruiting?

This is Inside Higher Ed – we have advice about everything! Click here to check out our Smart Recruiting Tips and learn how to write effective online job ads; how to reach passive candidates; how to recruit for hard to fill positions; or how to make your own website work well for recruiting new faculty and staff.


How do I pay for a job posting on Inside Higher Ed? 

When you post a job or purchase job credits via our online system you pay by credit card. You may also purchase packs of job posting credits via invoice by contacting a member of our team. Annual unlimited recruiting contracts are invoiced.


How do I pay an invoice?

For purchases that allow for invoicing (Multipack of Job Posting Credits, Unlimited Annual Contracts) Inside Higher Ed emails a PDF invoice shortly after approving your purchase. If invoices should go to a different email address than the one on your account, you'll be able to fill in the appropriate email during the purchasing process. Invoices can be paid by check or credit card - instructions will be included. If you have questions about your invoice, or need another copy, please contact Raisa Andrzheychik at billing@insidehighered.com or +1-202-448-6123.


Do you offer job posting packages?

We sure do. In addition to multipacks of 15, 10 and 5 job posting credits, we offer annual unlimited job posting packages at real savings. Your cost will depend on your institution's enrollment, with basic posting packages running from $2,300 per year to $9,500 per year. Unlimited posting plans include:

  • Unlimited job postings with no word or time limits (to the end of your contract period)
  • Your institution's logo featured in every posting
  • A Featured Employer page to act as your employment branding page
  • Discounts on upgrades, including a discount on promoting your job posting in one day’s edition of our Daily News Update email (115,000 subscribers)
  • Additional exposure through our partnership with national job aggregators
  • Automated job postings (site scraping) for an additional $500 annually (call us for details and to confirm available for your site)

You can also bundle other recruiting products with job postings for even greater impact and cost savings. And we offer group sales on packages as well. Contact your account manager for more information. And any time you need help, you can give us a call at +1-202-659-9208 with questions or email us at recruit@insidehighered.com.


How can I get answers to other questions?

For questions about posting jobs, prepaid packages, Premium Job Listings, Maximum Exposure Jobs, Featured Employer pages or other basic information, call +1-202-659-9208 or email recruit@insidehighered.com. For questions about unlimited recruiting packages, contact your account manager.


Where can I find your recruitment advertising terms and conditions?

You can see our complete (and very short!) list of advertising terms and conditions by clicking here.



Using the Inside Higher Ed Careers website


How do I reset my password?

You can request a new password at http://recruiters.insidehighered.com/account-forgotten-password/ or by going to the recruiter homepage, selecting “Sign In” and then clicking “Forgotten Password?”.


Who can I contact if I have a question?

For immediate assistance, please call +1-202-659-9208 or email recruit@insidehighered.com. For technical issues, you may also contact our tech support team at ihe-tech@insidehighered.com. For questions about an invoice or to provide payment information, please email us at billing@insidehighered.com or call +1-202-448-6123. To reach a specific member of our staff, visit our Contact Us page.


How do I post a job on Inside Higher Ed?

If you are already logged in to your account, you can post a job by clicking “Post a Job” in the top toolbar or “Post Your Job Now” in the top left box on the employer home page. If you are not logged in, select “Pricing” in the top toolbar. You will see several job posting options; select the one that best fits your needs. You will need an account to post a job; create your account or log in to your existing account at and follow the prompts to complete your job posting. Need help? Email us at recruit@insidehighered.com.


Can I edit my job posting?

Yes. Clients on an unlimited annual contract are automatically able to edit their jobs after posting. For all other clients, please contact your account manager to enable editing capabilities. To edit a job, go to “Your Jobs” and then click on the job you wish to edit. Please note that editing a job will revert your job status to “Awaiting Approval” and it will not be live on the jobseeker site until it has been approved by our team. Jobs are typically approved within one business day or sooner.


Why did the listing dates for my job change after I edited it?

In some instances, using your browser’s “Back” button when creating a new job posting can cause an error in the posting dates. To avoid this, we advise using the “Continue Editing” button when you need to make changes to a job before you have completed checkout. If you want to preview the job, you can click “Preview This Job.” Using these buttons will ensure that your data is saved correctly. If the listing dates for your job posting changed, you can simply revise the start date to today’s date and the end date to 60 days from today.


Can I automate my job postings?

With a bit of assistance from your IT department, it’s a simple matter to set up a daily feed of all your job postings, or to allow users to tag individual jobs posted to your website for automatic cross-posting to Inside Higher Ed. Inside Higher Ed is running successful API integrations via Jobelephant, JobTarget, PeopleAdmin, Interview Exchange, SilkRoad, PageUp and many other ATS providers. There's no charge to create your own API feed, but if you prefer, we also offer “job scraping” or "site scraping" for a small annual fee. And we work with JobTarget to automate postings for institutions that don’t have the capability to create an API feed on their own. Click here or email us at recruit@insidehighered.com to learn more.


Why do I have to verify my email address before posting a job for the first time?

Email verification is a security measure required to help prevent unauthorized postings or purchases in your name. By asking you to verify your email address, we are able to confirm the person with access to the email account is the person who is making the purchase. In addition, you can opt to receive applications by email and we want to ensure you will receive those applications.


Can I get a report on my job posts?

Yes. Click on “My Jobs” and then “Job Performance Report,” which will appear below the Inside Higher Ed Careers logo. From there you can identify the criteria you would like to use to build your custom report.


How can I access a receipt of my job posting purchase?

You have the ability to view receipts from your all of job posting purchases made on our new site. For receipts for jobs posted on our previous site, please contact a member of our team. To view your receipts, simply click the ‘Orders’ link in the top right corner and you will a list of all your receipts. While on this page you can filter by status or date. Once you click the order number, you will see your complete order and have the option to download or print the receipt. The receipt will include details such as order date, upgrades, discounts and a link to the job post. However, the job advertisement duration date in only located on the job posting. You can print the job posting if you require documentation with this information.


I already have a jobseeker login using my institutional email address. I am getting an error when I try to use that email address to post a job. What should I do?

If you initially registered as a jobseeker and then attempt to register as an employer using the same email address, you will receive a notification that says, “Please contact our team for access to this section.” This is a security measure to ensure that only legitimate recruiters have access to the recruiter section of our website. Ultimately, this is to protect the privacy of jobseekers like you. If you need to post a job, please call 1-202-659-9208 or email recruit@insidehighered.com and we will assist you. We recommend using a personal email account for job searches. There are a number of free email services available for this purpose, such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.com.


I am logged in as a jobseeker with my personal email address and need to post a job using my separate employer credentials. Why am I seeing a message about authorizing access?

If you already have a separate employer account, you must log out of your personal account on the jobseeker site before attempting to log in on the employer site with your institutional email address or other employer credentials.


I tried to create an account and it said my employer already exists. What do I do?

If your institution holds an unlimited recruiting contract with us, a message has been sent to the administrator notifying them that you would like access to the account. You may also contact us at +1-202-659-9208 or recruit@insidehighered.com to be added to the account or if you are not sure whether your institution has an unlimited account. If your institution does not have an unlimited recruiting contract with us, you can contact your human resources office. You can also create a new account and use the ‘Alternate employer name’ field located at the bottom of the job form to input the name of your institution.


Can more than one (1) person have access to our company account?

Yes. If you are the administrator for your account, you can add additional users to your institution’s account by clicking on your employer’s name at the top of the page and then clicking “Company Users.” From there you will have the ability to add or edit users. Please note that any users transferred from our previous system cannot be edited within your company’s account; only users you create can be edited or removed. To make changes to users transferred from our previous system, or if you do not have administrative privileges for your account and need to add a user, please contact us.


I represent a search firm or other agency. How can I post on behalf of my client?

Please call +1-202-659-9208 or email recruit@insidehighered.com to be added to your clients’ accounts. Once you have been granted access to post on behalf of an institution, that institution will be linked to your account. The top right corner indicates the employer you are currently posting as; to change this, click the “Switch employer” link in the top right corner and a screen will pop-up with a list of employers you can access. Another option is to post a job on the Inside Higher Ed Careers site under your company’s name and type the institution’s name in the ‘Alternate employer name’ field located at the bottom of the job form. However, we do not recommend this approach if you will be regularly posting on behalf of an institution.


Can I choose to have a job posted for less than 60 days?

Yes. While the default posting period is 60 days, you can choose to have your job posted for less than 60 days (keeping in mind that the price will be the same as the 60-day posting). Simply adjust the posting dates to your preferred time frame.


Can I choose to have a job posted for more than 60 days?

Yes. You can select from several 90-day posting options or you can extend your posting by an additional 30 days. To extend an existing posting by 30 days, go to “Your Jobs” and click the “Upgrade” button to the right of the job you wish to extend. From there you will see the option to extend your listing by an additional 30 days. If you are an unlimited contract client, you will not incur any additional cost. If you are a non-contract client the 30-day upgrade is available for an additional $150. Please allow one business day for your upgrade to take effect.


How long is the job approval process?

Jobs are typically approved within one business day or sooner. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact us and we will try to expedite your approval.


Can I send candidates to my website to complete an application?

Yes. You choose from multiple options for application submission. You can opt to send candidates to your website or applicant tracking system, or you can choose to have candidates apply through our site (which will allow them to take advantage of our one-click application). Toward the bottom of the job posting form, you will see a section marked “Applications.” Select “Via another site or an applicant tracking system” and enter the URL you wish to use.


What is an employer (company) profile?

Your institution’s profile information is displayed in the “Search Employers” area on the Jobseeker site. In some cases, it may be a prospective candidate’s first introduction to your institution. Your profile may also include your institution’s logo, website and other contact information. You can also elect to convert your employer profile to a Featured Employer page. A Featured Employer page is your own recruitment page within the Inside Higher Ed site. Our team will build an upgraded employer profile for your institution where you can put key information and multiple links to your own website – organized for the specific needs of job candidates – on a single page that’s linked to all your job postings.


Is my contact information visible to candidates?

Your contact information will remain private unless you choose to include it in the text of your job description or you choose to receive “Offline” applications. Your employer’s contact information will be visible alongside the job and your company; if you are the administrator for your account and wish to edit or remove this information, you can do so. Click on your employer’s name at the top of the page and then click “Company Profile.” Navigate to the bottom of the form and alter the contact information as needed.


Why is the location field required if it will not show up in my job listing?

Users can search specific geographic locations and the Location field is used for this purpose. It will help ensure your jobs appear in front of the right candidates. It is also used in our Dual Career Search, which helps dual career couples find jobs in academe.


How can I view all of my jobs? What do each of the “Job Status” terms mean?

To view all of your live jobs, go to “Your Jobs.” To view all of your jobs, including those pending approval, change the “Status” dropdown to “All Jobs” and click “Filter.” A job can have one of the following statuses:

Live: This is the status of the job once it has been published, it means it is live on the jobseeker site.

Expiring Soon: The job is due to expire in the next three days. To add additional time to your posting, purchase a 30-day extension.

Cancelled: The job has been cancelled and removed from the site.

Awaiting Payment: The job is not live on the site and there may have been an issue with your payment that is preventing the job from entering our approval queue. Please contact us if your job’s status is “Awaiting Payment.”

Awaiting Content Approval: All new jobs must be approved before they are live on the site. Jobs are typically approved within one business day or sooner. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact us and we will try to expedite your approval.

Awaiting Release: When a job has a start date in the future, it will be in “Awaiting Release” status, and will go live as soon as the specified start date is reached.

Draft: This is the status of the job once it has been added to the system, but before you have completed checkout. The job is not live on the jobseeker site.

Expired: This is the status of a job once the end date has passed or if you manually expired the job prior to the end date. The job is not live and no longer accepting applications via our system (if you enabled applications via email).


What are “Special Filters?”

“Special filters” provide a way for candidates to find specific types of academic positions. They are optional but if your position includes one of the job types below, we suggest including it in your job posting to attract more attention to your position.

Tenured & Tenure-track: For positions that are tenured or tenure-track. Tenured and tenure-track positions tend to be quite popular among our readers who are academics.

Adjunct: Adjunct faculty positions, including part-time or contingent instructor positions.

Postdoc: Postdoctoral positions for those completing graduate school.

Alt-Ac & Post-Ac: The terms stand for “alternate academic” and “post academic,” respectively. These positions may be appealing to someone with an advanced degree who is considering a non-faculty role. These positions are often staff or administrative roles within higher education, but they can also encompass roles outside of higher education, such as museum curators, historians or private industry.


Which internet browsers are supported?

The Inside Higher Ed Careers site is fully compatible will all major web browsers, including those on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. To make sure you have best experience possible, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser.


What is a Maximum Exposure Job Listing?

A Maximum Exposure Job Listing is a job posting with a whole lot of extra oomph. Your job posting will benefit from priority placement in our search results, as well as special styling to help it stand out from the competition. We'll also add your institution's logo to your posting. In addition, we include a link to your posting in one day’s edition of our Daily News Update email – read by more than 115,000 opt-in subscribers each weekday morning. Talk about extra exposure! Need help? Give us a call at +1-202-659-9208 with questions or email us at recruit@insidehighered.com.